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    Welcome to the Tales From the Road Podcast

    The Crazy, Epic, Hilarious Stories you always wanted to hear about former/ current professional and amateur athletes (and other degenerates)….. but mainstream media just can’t tell.

    Tales From the Road Podcast can be easily listened to in 3 convenient ways:

    • Shorts – Quick cuts of the best stories from some epic interviews

    • Fulls – Full unedited interviews from some of the best Tale-tellers the sports world has to offer.

    • Themes – We put together a playlist show we thought you would like to hear all related to a certain topic. Who wouldn’t want to listen to 30 – 40 minutes of amazing hockey fight stories, or trouble with the law, or bad bar decisions, etc!!!

    You can even search by keyword, and if there are Tales that match….. well here you go!

    Or Click on one of the Tag Words to find a selection of great stories that relate. The BIGGER the tag word, the more crazy shit we have on that subject!



    Golden Tongue of Lunacy, Spiritual Leader of Debauchery, Quebecois


      Pale Tale Telling Canuck


        East Coast Ball-Buster


          Sniper of Pucks, Fighter Jets, Ladies, and Anything Ball Related


            The Saskatchewan Barge


              Lover, Fighter, and Wild Bull Rider

                NEVER MISS AN EPISODE

                The Crazy, Epic Hilarious Tales you always wanted to hear about former/current professionals and amateur athletes (and other degenerates)....but mainstream media just can't tell.